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Sunday, April 15, 2018

About Advertising

About Advertising

Spending on advertising is huge. One often quoted statistic by market research firm ZenithOptimedia estimates that worldwide spending on advertising exceeds (US) $400 billion. This level of spending supports thousands of companies and millions of jobs. In fact, in many countries most media outlets, such as television, radio and newspapers, would not be in business without revenue generated through the sale of advertising.
While worldwide advertising is an important contributor to economic growth, individual marketing organizations differ on the role advertising plays. For some organizations little advertising may be done, instead promotional money is spent on other promotion options such a personal selling through a sales team. For some smaller companies advertising may consist of occasional advertisement and on a very small scale, such as placing small ads in the classified section of a local newspaper.
But most organizations, large and small, that rely on marketing to create customer interest are engaged in consistent use of advertising to help meet marketing objectives. This includes regularly developing advertising campaigns, which involve a series of decisions for planning, creating, delivering and evaluating an advertising effort

How Can IBOTOOLBOX Help My Advertising

IBOtoolbox will help you bring in traffic to your website. This is done by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to get the search engines Google, Bing!, & Yahoo to know who you are, what your selling, and where you are at on the Internet!
IBOtoolbox provides a highly noticable platform by which you can talk about, link to, and share your products, services, & opportunities. This easy to use tool consists of a business profile, taggable blogging system, unlimited backlinks, and supports multiple businesses. This system is even integrated with ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS!
IBOtoolbox is equipped with a FULLY featured contact manager. Features include unlimited folders for storage, unlimited leads, unlimited custom fields, lead validation through Melissa Data and WhitePages API, on demand Google Maps, lead picture uploader, multi Country aware, emailer, and event manager. This system is even sales team and Social Networking ready!

Multilingual Features of IBOtoolbox & IBOsocial

Ibotoolbox will allow for multilingual functions on all of your content that is on the network. This will be helpful to reach a greater audience for you business growth. Some of the countries that are currently supported.
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Haitian Creole
Your blogs, wall posts, and text based advertisements will be automatically translated for your visitor.
If you have English as a language in your browser, you will not see any differences in the system. If you wish to see what the platform likes like in a different language, you need to remove English and add one of the supported languages into your browser language preferences.

Ibotoolbox Training Videos

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

So, What is Affiliate Marketing? - don't miss it!

Opportunities in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

This is the amazing true story of how a woman with NO business experiencebecame a Super Affiliate earning $500,000 (*) per year selling other people's stuff online .
An entire industry has grown around online affiliate marketing since the mid-1990's and it is getting bigger all the time.
Conventions are regularly held and attended by thousands of people and there's even an offline magazine devoted entirely to the subject of affiliate marketing.
Entire affiliate networks such as Commission JunctionLinkshare and Double Click Performics exist for the purpose of bringing merchants and affiliates together.
There are THOUSANDS of merchants with affiliate programs.

The Super Affiliate Handbook

Over the years, thousands of 'regular, non-technical folks' (just like you --- and me) have learned how to start and run their own successful affiliate marketing businesses using the methods I teach in the Super Affiliate Handbook (and as an industry expert speaker, magazine columnist and consultant) and YOU can learn them too!
The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online
The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online
Rosalind Gardner teaches by example - using her own affiliate sites. From blog installation, to design, content creation and all methods of marketing - She STILL does it all. (Note: Many other affiliate training packages use her affiliate sites as examples without her permission. That's because those so-called 'trainers' don't have affiliate sites. They pretend to be working affiliates to take your money, but they don't have any real experience.)

So, What is Affiliate Marketing? - don't miss it!

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is an arrangement between an online merchant and affiliate (you), in which the affiliate earns a commission for generating sales, leads and/or clicks for the merchant's web site.
For example, many credit card companies will pay you between $5 and $20 in commission for each visitor that you send to their site who completes a credit card application, and up to $55 for those whose applications are approved.
That's a great commission, and although many companies pay less, there are also many companies that pay much MORE!

More books by Rosalind Gardner - Vote for your favorites, or add any I missed.

Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich
Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich
âIt took me years to discover many of the techniques she spells out in her book. I wish it had been available when I started.â -Allan Gardyne, The definitive guide to planning and managing a successful online affiliate business! Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online is your hands-on guide to starting your own profitable affiliate marketing business quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Leading affiliate marketing authority Rosalind Gardner gives you a proven five-step plan for identifying a niche with a huge market, choosing products to promote, and selling the benefits effectively. You'll see how to: Navigate the different affiliate programs, from commissioned-based âclick-throughâ programs to CPM impressions to flat-fee referral Identify the products and programs that are profitable-and the ones to avoid Ask the right questions before you join an affiliate program Research, understand, and sell to your niche market Negotiate for a higher percentage on your commission Stay on top of developments in the industryPacked with time- and money-saving techniques-including twelve ways to drive traffic to your website at no cost-this comprehensive guide is all you need to make big profits as an affiliate marketer! Rosalind Gardner is the creator of several successful online businesses and the author of the bestselling Super Affiliate Handbook. Her website is
The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online
The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online
Life as an affiliate marketer is pretty easy. There are no products to develop, carry or ship; and no orders to process or refund. All that and more is handled directly by the merchant. But it still takes a little know-how to build a site that turns visitors into customers, and Rosalind shares her extensive knowledge in "The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other Peopleâs Stuff Online". The book is a step-by-step guide to building a successful affiliate marketing website. Everything from basic equipment and software requirements, to choosing the right merchant partners and getting massive quantities of targeted traffic to your web site is covered in depth. Aspiring netpreneurs and experienced Internet marketers alike will benefit from this invaluable resource.
The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online
The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online
Life as an affiliate marketer is pretty easy. There are no products to develop, carry or ship; and no orders to process or refund. All that and more is handled directly by the merchant. But it still takes a little know-how to build a site that turns visitors into customers, and Rosalind shares her extensive knowledge in "The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other Peopleâs Stuff Online". The book is a step-by-step guide to building a successful affiliate marketing website. Everything from basic equipment and software requirements, to choosing the right merchant partners and getting massive quantities of targeted traffic to your web site is covered in depth. Aspiring netpreneurs and experienced Internet marketers alike will benefit from this invaluable resource.

Postscript of utmost importance

If you buy any of the books recommended above, this page automatically makes a donation to the incredible nonprofit, Donors Choose, which helps provide classrooms and students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.

Learn Affiliate Marketing using a Step-by-Step Plan

This Book Has Stood The Test Of Time. This Is Night A Fly By Night New Book!

In the course of Rosalind Gardner's work as an Internet marketing consultant as well as publisher of a very popular newsletter for webmasters and affiliate marketers, She has heard all of the 'How do I?' questions.
Using a step-by-step plan to business-building, the 'Super Affiliate Handbook' answers all of the questions you will have and many, many more. Here are some examples of what you will learn:
* You get 220+ information-packed pages of practical tips and real-life examples of WORKING affiliate sites (Note: Many Affiliate Managers recommend the Super Affiliate Handbook to their affiliates. In fact, Anik Singal makes it required reading for his staff. )
* "How To" strategies to save you money, time, and effort while building your affiliate marketing business.
* Get an easy-to-understand 5-step overview of the business-building process.
* Discover the top 25 mistakes that 'normal' affiliates make, and how to AVOID them.
* How to create a web site that keeps visitors coming back for more.
* 29 ways to market your affiliate sites online and off.
* Why you must stay away from the 'flea market' approach to Internet marketing.
* How to assess a market for profitabilty.
* Discover which products are actually sold online.
* Learn which programs to avoid and when to drop others.
* Where to find free software that will save you both time and money.
* Learn how to negotiate a raise in your commissions.
* Learn how to stop Thieves from Stealing YOUR Commissions.
...and there's more... MUCH MORE! You will also Learn:
* Which 6 factors you MUST consider when choosing a domain name.
* How to Promote Associate Programs and Products with a Newsletter.
* How to use Signature Files to Gain MORE Visitors.
* How Forums can bring you more traffic.
* About software that lets you build a 1,000-page site in mere seconds!
* Learn which methods bring traffic to your site FAST.
* 9 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site for FREE.
* The TRUTH about reciprocal linking.
* How writing a simple ezine article can bring more traffic to your site for FREE.
* How to Get MORE sales from YOUR site even though you are selling the same product as thousands of other affiliates.
* Learn EXACTLY what Super Affiliates do that other affiliates don't do.
* The 20 questions that You MUST get answers to BEFORE you join an affiliate program.
* My favorite places to advertise.
* Which software finds profitable niche topics and saves HOURS, even DAYS of manual labor.
* How to write compelling product endorsement.
* Why you don't want to use the marketing material provided by some affiliate programs.
* 6 Essential Components that EVERY successful web site has in place.
You will also...
* Discover how Keyword and Niche Market Research just got a whole lot easier.
* Learn how to Install a Blog in 7 easy steps with screenshots to show you every step of the process.
* Learn how to Post to your Blog.
* Learn how to put a new Page on your Blog.
* See how to add Categories to your Blog.
* Learn how to Set File Permissions with and without FTP.
* See exactly how to Install Links in your posts and pages.
* Learn how to put Images in your Posts and Pages.
* See exactly how to Install a New Theme (look) for your blog.
* Learn more about Contextual Advertising and where to find the most recommended contextual advertising networks.
* See how to put Google Adsense on your blog.
* See 97 Screenshots of how everything works!

Women Entrepreneurs

Avon Products, Inc. has signed actress Zoë Saldana

Avon Products, Inc. has signed actress Zoë Saldana to be the exclusive spokeswoman for the brand's new fragrance, Eternal Magic, debuting April 2010. Beautiful, intelligent and talented, the actress is the perfect fit for Avon's latest scent-a fragrance embodying timeless grace, beauty and elegance. In addition to supporting Eternal Magic, Saldana will also be featured in the company's brochure as a face of Avon's color cosmetics category in the coming months. Buy Eternal Magic Today

Three reasons to love AVON

Avon is exciting because there are new products every campaign! With Avon's cutting edge development as a leader in the cosmetic and skin care industry, we receive top-notch, quality products.
Quality, affordability, fun, reliability, and convenience make Avon my favorite place to shop!
And additionally, Avon has allowed me the opportunity to share these quality products as well the the opportunity to assit you

Traffic Swarm


Traffic Swarm may seem like a useless program to some, but for those who know how to use it, it can be very beneficial. Many people use the program as a place to put ads for their home based business or various affiliate programs. If those people tracked their sales or referrals correctly they would soon find that a very low percentage would come from Traffic Swarm.
Conversion rates for Traffic Swarm are almost non existent for drawn out sales pages. I really feel that the ONLY way you should use Traffic Swarm and the like is to build up your opt-in list by creating a very simple lead capture page and place 10 -15 ads promoting the same page. People clicking the ads brainlessly to receive ad credits will be more likely to sign up for your newsletter than to pay money for some product or service you are promoting.
The lead capture page should be very simple and make the credit surfer want to sign up. Making a good lead capture page is simple and will just require you to know the basics of html. Keep it simple and offer something of value. An e book or e books with information is always good. Let them know what they will be getting when they sign up, quote the vale of the freebies and how they will benefit from signing up. Or point out what they will be missing out on by not signing up.
I've had a good number of subscribers come from Traffic Swarm and no sales from the other ads I had previously. Take this advice and try it out. You can be successful getting a good number of subscribers using this method and applying it to other traffic sites as well.

Need more targeted traffic?
Join TrafficSwarm for FREE!

About Start Up Co-op

About Start Up Co-op

Want a way to network and learn more about startup that are available? Taking your first steps to start a business can be daunting, but take heart. Many excellent websites and organizations offer help to anyone starting a business. And while starting a business requires an investment on your part, the information you need for starting a small business is generally free.
Maybe you have an idea for an internet business startup, or you are starting a small business from home, need a business startup loan, business startup software, or just want to know the basics of how to write a great business plan. Whether you are still in the idea stage of how to start a business, or you've already taken serious steps to starting a business, finding the RIGHT advice, resources and entrepreneurial communities will be vital to the success of your small business startup.

Start Up Biz Network Member's - Startup's And More

Get Started With A Business Today And Visit The Following Websites For Idea's And Networking Opportunities.

MBA Home Builders

Friday, April 13, 2018


Network for mentoring those who desire to own a business and providing information on business opportunities.
An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and is accountable for the inherent risks and the outcome.
The entrepreneur leads the firm or organization and also demonstrates leadership qualities by selecting managerial staff. Management skill and strong team building abilities are essential leadership attributes for successful entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs emerge from the population on demand and become leaders because they perceive opportunities available and are well-positioned to take advantage of them. An entrepreneur may perceive that they are among the few to recognize or be able to solve a problem.
Work at Home Moms and Dads - Work Space
Work from home jobs abound and the internet offers a wide range to choose from. With so many work at home jobs available, it's important to do your homework and find the work that is right for you that will give you the time, income, and flexibility that you and your family need. Here is a list of all types of work from home jobs and business opportunities.
Franchise Opportunities
·         Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics Franchise & Online Beauty Business (Home Based)
Own a cosmetics kiosk or online beauty business with Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics. This cosmetics franchise can be run as a direct selling, online, home-based business or kiosk-based beauty business. Learn more about this low-cost salon business opportunities.

Beautiful Diva
Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Diva Space. If you are a Beautiful Diva Representative, then this is the board for you.
If the group master likes it, he or she will add it to the featured lenses lists above.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

My Son And Ambidexterity

Ambidexterity Educational Information

I wanted to make a lens on this topic because my son is ambidextrous. I was writing with him this morning and I really didn't know how to teach him to write, because he prefers to use both hands. So, this morning I decided to try to teach him to write with only his right hand. Well, I started thinking that I didn't want him to lose the ability to use both of his hands. I also wondered which hand was more dominant, his right or his left. The more I started thinking, I wanted to research what is ambidexterity and what does it mean for my son. ......
Ambidexterity is the ability to use both your hands with equal ease or facility, but if you're armless, it could be your feet! In fact, it is quite advantageous in certain sports and martial arts to be able to use both your feet with equal facility. The Greeks encouraged and tried to promote ambidexterity because it was simply logical in sports and battle to be adept with both hands instead of one. By combining the Phoenician style of writing right to left with their own left to right system, the Greeks created a reading and writing system called boustrophedon, where the lines ran alternately right-to-left and left-to-right. With alternating sweeps of the eyes back and forth, reading was more swift and efficient. ......Michelangelo (1475-1564) was a multi-faceted genius like Leonardo da Vinci. He often painted with both hands. When one got tired, he switched to the other.
British artist, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873) could draw with both hands simultaneously -- a horse's head with one hand and a stag's head with the other. He taught drawing and etching to Queen Victoria who was a lefty that became ambidextrous. ......Fleming, Einstein and Tesla were all ambidextrous. Benjamin Franklin was also ambidextrous and signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with his left hand. U.S. 20th president, James Garfield was a well educated backwoodsman born in a log cabin. Although he could write with either hand with equal ease, he could also write Greek with his left hand and Latin with his right hand simultaneously! Harry Kahne demonstrated his mental dexterity in 1922 by performing several mental operations simultaneously. While one hand was writing mirror language, the other hand intermingled upside down and backward letters. ......
Left-handed and ambidextrous people have 11% larger corpus callosa (the bundle of nerve fibers joining the right and left sides of the brain) than right handed people. An autopsy of Einstein's brain revealed a larger profusion of superficial capillaries interlacing the cerebral cortex than the average brain, as well as an additional amount of glial cells. Obviously the more we use and exercise our brain, the more it physically grows.
The following exercises are designed to task the little used areas of the brain to allow such growth. ......To be able to use both hands equally well, practice is the key. During the day, use your left hand more (if you're right-handed) by consciously switching when you're about ready to do something -- pouring a glass of milk, bouncing a ball, flipping and picking up coins, hammering a nail, cutting and buttering bread, stirring your coffee, swirling water in a glass, twisting off bottle caps, etc. Wherever you would use your one hand, use the other instead -- putting a key in the door, combing your hair, brushing your teeth, shaving, grasping objects, etc. When putting on your clothes, put your other hand or foot into the garment first. Thread your belt around your waist in the opposite direction.
Put your watch on your other hand. Use your other hand in sports -- hitting a baseball or a tennis ball, throwing a football, shooting a basketball, etc. Practice stirring 2 cups of tea simultaneously, swirling 2 half filled glasses of water clockwise and counterclockwise, and bouncing two balls at the same time. Get used to the kinesthetic feeling of using the muscles of both your hands and arms together. Catch 2 balls thrown to you at the same time. Throw 2 paper wads at the same time into the same paper basket -- one underhand and the other overhand. Throw 2 darts simultaneously at a dart board with both hands. Write with both hands at the same time. Draw a butterfly, a vase or a geometric figure using both hands simultaneously, but keep practicing these exercises. ......
Many musical instruments are played ambidextrously, and many athletes are adept at using both of their hands. Since swimming is an ambidextrous activity, teaching dyslectic children to swim often helps them to read and write normally because it balances the brain hemispheres. Become ambidextrous and along with an added physiological brain growth, a more balanced integration of your 2 hemispheres will be achieved. Studies have shown that ambidextrous people are more emotionally independent, more determined, more adaptable to new situations and more apt to handle problems without giving up. ......A new training manual with over two hundred mental exercises has recently become available for those willing to improve themselves. It is entitled, The 100% Brain Course, and it shows you how to train yourself to do extraordinary things with your mind and body.

Ambidexterity: Encyclopedia - Ambidexterity

Ambidexterity is the ability of being equally adept with each hand (or, to a limited degree, feet). The word "ambidextrous" is derived from the Latin roots ambi, meaning "both," and dext, meaning "right." Thus, "ambidextrous" is literally "right on both sides".
As an inborn trait ambidexterity is rare, though it can be learned. Most ambidextrous people still gravitate towards performing certain types of tasks with a specific hand. The degree of versatility with each hand is generally the qualitative factor in determining a person's ambidexterity. Each side of the brain controls the opposite side of our bodies. Some people have been known to hesitate upon the decision the brain makes while attempting to use either right or left side, most likely the motor controlled side that would benefit most.
In modern times, it is more common to find people considered ambidextrous who were originally left handed, and learned to be ambidextrous either deliberately or during childhood in institutions such as schools where right-handed habits are often emphasized. Ambidexterity is often encouraged in activities requiring a great deal of skill in both hands, such as swimming, percussion or keyboard music, and combat.

*Using Both Hands, Crossing Midline, Hand Dominance: Fun Activities

An Ambidextrous Child? Or A Processing Disorder?
Some children who appear to be ambidextrous actually have a hidden processing disorder. More often than not, these children end up with two, unskilled hands. These kids need lots of two-handed activities- especially those that cross the middle of the body. A lot of the activities done in Occupational Therapy and Vision Therapy promote this.
Just think, what if you couldn't cross the body easily? You'd have to pick up a pencil on one side of your book with your "helper" hand and move it to the middle so that your dominant hand, or "worker hand," could use it. It would affect your handwriting because diagonal lines cross the midline. Establishing a worker hand and a helper hand is a sign that specialization and maturity in the brain is occurring. Look for this around the age of five years old and reinforce it using two-handed activities that cross the midline of the body.
Some examples include: reaching for bean bags across midline then throwing at a target, making large X and 8 with arms in the air, cross crawling, wheelbarrow walking but crossing hands, and popping bubbles with one hand only.


Handedness is an attribute of humans defined by their unequal distribution of fine motor skill between the left and right hands. An individual who is more dexterous with the right hand is called right-handed, and one who is more skilled with the left is said to be left-handed. A minority of people are equally skilled with both hands, and are termed ambidextrous. People who demonstrate awkwardness with both hands are said to be ambilevous or ambisinister. Ambisinistrous motor skills or a low level of dexterity may be the result of a debilitating physical condition. There are four main types of handedness:
* Right-handedness is most common. Right-handed people are more dexterous with their right hands when performing a task.
* Left-handedness is less common than right-handedness. Left-handed people are more dexterous with their left hands when performing a task. About 8-15% of people are left-handed.[1]
* Mixed-handedness, also known as cross-dominance, is being able to do different tasks better with different hands. For example, mixed-handed persons might write better with their left hand but throw a ball more efficiently with their right hand. However, many writers define handedness by the hand used for writing, so mixed-handedness is often neglected.
* Ambidexterity is exceptionally rare, although it can be learned. A true ambidextrous person is able to do any task equally well with either hand. Those who learn it still tend to sway towards their originally dominant hand.
No one knows for certain why the human population is right-hand-dominant, but a number of theories have been proposed.

Environmental Theories

Birth stress
This theory's basic premise is that left-handedness is due to brain damage during the birth process. Some statistics support this theory. Difficult or stressful births happen far more commonly among babies who grow up to be left-handed or ambidextrous. Birth stress is also associated with a number of birth defects and complications, including cerebral palsy and autism.
Medical technology and obstetrics has failed to lower the proportion of left handed people, supporting the idea that routine obstetrical care is stressful to the neonate. Routine obstetric care in a hospital setting for low-risk women has not been shown to improve outcomes but has been shown to increase the use of obstetrical interventions during the birth process.
Common routine interventions that may contribute to a baby's stress during birth include non-indicated induction of labor, pharmacological forms of pain relief, restriction of mother's mobility, restriction of mother's food and drink, administration of antibiotics during labor, continuous electronic fetal monitoring, artificial rupture of membranes, directed pushing or pushing in the supine position, immoderate use of forceps delivery or vacuum extraction, elective or excess cesarean section, restriction of access to vaginal birth after cesarean section, early clamping of the umbilical cord, separation of mother and baby, and non-emergency early newborn procedures.

Famous ambidextrous people

Ambidexterity - Famous ambidextrous people
Robert Baden-Powell
James Garfield
Shigeru Miyamoto
Harry Truman
Michael Angelo Batio
Leonardo da Vinci
James Woods
Saurav Ganguly
Ravi Shastri
Benjamin Franklin
Paul McCartney
Bob Cousy
John G. Roberts, Jr.
Topher Grace
Maria Sharapova
Noel Gallagher
Dick van Dyke
Pau Gasol
Kurt Cobain
·         anonymous 7 years ago
As 2 hands are mirror opposites the the motion they induce is opposite and equal/1,2jobs/sec and 1body. 2 = forces create a 3rd resultant force through the body,the body , brain is evolved from ambidextrous ancestors so ambidexterity is the correct software to run the both sides of the brain, body* fast 1handed = 1way out only 2hands gives you choice where 1handed is no choice* life . ambidexterity= load/ 2hands stress/ 2hands , jobs/2hands= timeshare between the 2hands
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anonymous 8 years ago
Does your son hold his pencils and crayons differently? My son has not chosen a preferred hand to write with and can use both with ease, but I get complaints from his teacher daily that I need to teach him to hold a pencil properly. His Pre K teacher caught the Ambidexterity but apparently the Kindergarten teacher has failed to notice. He had to switch teachers a week in due to high enrollment so I have not yet had the opportunity to discuss my son with the new one. She only has about twelve kids so I would have thought she might have enough time to pick up on it. I will be printing your information to teach the teacher. Thanks for the information. I wonder if there is truly a link with gifted children, my son is gifted as well.
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anonymous 8 years ago
I have written a book about ambidexterity. It is called Whole Brain Power. You can Google it and read some of the reviews.
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shevans lm 8 years ago
Very interesting. I used to work with my daughter's physical therapists, and they taught principles and techniques of doing certain tasks such as you suggested the opposite way that you were used to doing them.
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Jimmie Lanley 9 years ago from Memphis, TN, USA
My husband is ambidextrous. And he's an amazing drummer! I had read that using your left hand (if you're right handed, of course) for daily tasks can help stimulate creativity.
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